S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing
S-Ride 16 - Testwing

S-Ride 16 - Testwing

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New Wing! 

The aim of the S-Ride version 1.0 was to deliver simplicity and comfort to beginner speedriders, from an introduction to the speedriding universe up to the discovery of freeriding. Schools, and all levels of speed riders, agree that the first version of the S-Ride was a success.
NEO is excited to offer the next generation in the S-Ride series. It is a wing with easy and forgiving handling that is accessible to beginners, while remaining efficient and fun for experienced riders. The wing naturally follows your progression, without being demanding. The handling can be described in one word: Intuitive.
The S-Ride is designed for snow contact, and this is one of the first things you will notice. Thanks to the ease of which it rides, your progression will accelerate.
Improvements include increased circulation of the air inside the canopy, making the wing more homogeneous in all axes, also facilitating smoother re-opening. S-Ride 2.0 is less sensitive to deflation while skiing, and is overall easier to handle when un-weighted during on-snow riding. An easy and rapid inflation makes launching a breeze, on any kind of slope.
Pendular movement has been softened, with less pressure on the handling, enabling you to focus on your line instead of on the handling of the glider. The S-Ride supports your ride without over-powering you, making the descent more fun.
Thanks to optimized construction, the S-Ride 2.0 is lighter and more compact than its predecessor, improving ground-handling and launch.
The largest sizes (13, 14, 16) are dedicated to beginners and middle-to-heavyweight pilots
The middle sizes (11.5, 13) are for lightweight beginners and progression.
The smallest size (10) is the glider to start freeriding, or for the lightest pilots. The 10 allows you to discover freeriding without being stressed by the piloting of your canopy.

– Materials/Features:
* Double-coated fabric: «Everlast» from Porcher Sport, manufactured less than a 2 hour’s drive from our workshop. We are the first to use this fabric on mini-wings / speed wings.
* Plastic reinforcement for improved durability. They replace the Mylar which creases too easily. This reinforcement is an ideal thickness and hardness for the practice of speedriding.
* Markers on the center of the canopy on the leading and trailing edge, to make launch preparation and ground-handling easier.
* Cousin Ultimate lines, for easier handling and preparation.
* 2-riser system with 5cm trimmers. Rear-riser trim system is adjustable in-flight, or can be blocked in the neutral position.
* Ergonomic wooden brake handles
* Delivered with the NEO Speed Pack.

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